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CCTV Installation Cambridge – Tips To Maximise The Efficacy Of Your Security

CCTV Installation Cambridge CCTV installation Cambridge that businesses and homeowners purchase in order to protect their premises plays a valuable role in acting as a deterrent to wrongdoers. It will also assist in the apprehension of any criminals who have breached a property’s perimeter. Here, we look at a few important aspects worth considering, which will maximise the benefit of users’ financial outlay on CCTV Cambridge, whether on commercial or domestic premises. Firstly, the installation of CCTV cameras will only realistically serve as a preventative measure if potential trespassers know the equipment is there and that the cameras increase their risk of being caught.

Advertising The Presence Of Security Systems Cambridge Wide Acts As A Deterrent

It is, therefore, best practice – and in some cases, a legal requirement – to ensure that adequate signage is put into place, warning passers-by that CCTV is in operation. Any good security system consultant for CCTV installation Cambridge wide will advise on whether or not such notice is mandatory and will often supply the relevant signs too. Make sure these are well-placed so that they can be clearly seen and expect them to look professional. This indicates to people that your security system is something to be taken seriously. Next, always ensure that your cameras are well-maintained. Reputable firms offering CCTV systems Cambridge based will offer a routine maintenance check, but there are things you can do between times too to keep your system performing its role. If your cameras are weather-stained and dusty, for instance, intruders are less likely to be intimidated by them; and more likely to think that the system is for show only, not operational.

Advice On Proper Maintenance Of CCTV Cambridge UK Wide

It’s particularly important to keep the camera lenses clean at all times. Smeared or blurred images inevitably makes it much more difficult for the authorities to identify criminals if they do choose to take advantage of your property. In the same vein, don’t forget to check on a regular basis whether the date and time stamp is accurate. Even a brief power outage can result in this information being recorded inaccurately. If a case of trespass or burglary, for instance, ever comes to court, then having the wrong time recorded could entirely undermine the validity of the images captured. Our last tip for effective CCTV Cambridge UK wide use is to strongly consider installing sensor lights alongside CCTV cameras. When motion is detected, the lights come on. This alone is often enough to startle an intruder and dissuade them from going further. But it will also allow them to clearly see that cameras are in operation.

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What’s more, in the majority of cases, they will instinctively look towards the light source, allowing the camera to capture better images of their face than it might otherwise have done. This can be invaluable in helping with identification of wrongdoers if it comes to it. At LG Security, we’re focused on helping you get the best value and best results out of any security system you buy from us. That’s why we’re considered the best firm for CCTV installation Cambridge has to offer. View our website at and call us on 01480 465203 to book a site survey today. This service is free and carries no obligation, so you have nothing to lose.