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CCTV Installation Cambridge And Beyond - Keeping An Eye On Business

CCTV Installation Cambridge

CCTV installation Cambridge and beyond is becoming increasingly common. But why should this be the case? The truth is that it's difficult running a business. There are always a lot of things to worry about, from the ordinary, day-to-day running to dealing with rare but unwelcome problems such as disputes or theft. But when it comes to security there are steps that you can take to alleviate some of that anxiety. Wouldn't it be good to be able to keep an eye on your business when you're not there? A quality CCTV Cambridge installation system and other additional security measures can help to take a weight off your mind.

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Why Do I Need Security Systems Cambridge?

It provides valuable reassurance. Having CCTV installation Cambridge wide is not just about deterring burglary or petty theft; it's also about establishing visual records. With high quality equipment you can have a record of what happened and when it happened. This is valuable for establishing events regarding health and safety as well as public liability. Having CCTV can also establish a visual record that can help to protect your staff – CCTV discourages bad behaviour. Real life isn't like the movies. The truth is that a well-placed CCTV system is actually very hard to evade. As well as tracking the comings and goings around your business, staff activity and whether procedures are being followed, CCTV systems Cambridge wide also effectively maintain a record of traffic and number plates and movements of company vehicles. The more you tell us about what concerns you, the better we can design your system.

How CCTV Cambridge UK Is Used Within Businesses

CCTV Installation Cambridge

CCTV Cambridge UK wide has uses in a number of areas for many businesses. For instance, CCTV systems prevent theft, violence and other criminal activity. They also check that health and safety rules are being complied with so that footage exists in the event of a specific breach. CCTV protects business interest where there is a chance of misconduct and assists compliance with regulatory and legal requirements. CCTV systems are also good for protecting your staff and workers from theft, violence and other crime. Staff and customers alike get distracted and caught up in what they are doing and it is at these times that it's easy to lose track of what's going on around you offering an opportunity for criminals. Systems with good resolution cameras and high-quality audio can also be used in situations where it may be necessary to prove legal compliance or that Health and Safety procedures have been followed. You must follow strict codes of practice when using CCTV if footage is to be used in prosecution (e.g. time and date must be recorded along with the footage). The use of CCTV can also have legal implications in relation to the Data Protection Act 1998 and you should display signage. Some resources:, Information Commissioner's Office, and ACAS - data protection.

CCTV installation example

Here is an example of a dome-tracking camera in operation following a car on a commercial estate.

For CCTV Installation Cambridge Wide And Other Security Measures, Contact LG Security

CCTV Installation Cambridge

Another valuable tool in your security system is a perimeter alarm. These external detectors help provide reassurance that potential intruders will be detected before reaching the premises. Combined with remote access CCTV systems, perimeter alarms can provide you with both a warning and the means to check up on your premises. We have provided CCTV installation Cambridge wide and perimeter alarms to all types of businesses. With this experience we have developed a combination of technologies to provide the most reliable point-to-point perimeter alarms available. Perimeter alarms can be very effective in providing protection for stockyards, loading bays and high value objects that are kept outside your business. For more details, contact us at LG Security on 01480 465203.

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